Links for caregivers and educators – Digital Well-Being

Mental HealthA family with young children look at a screen
Various resources, categorized by age, on topics such as gaming addiction, tech stress, self-image, and depression. (Common Sense Media)

Character Strengths and Life Skills
Resources for caregivers and educators on teaching compassion, using media to build communication, using media to teach courage, and more (Common Sense Media).

5 Ways to Social Media-Proof Your Mental Health
Five tips to help you take care of your mental health while using social media. (Canadian Mental Health Association)

Digital Health
Various resources, including tip sheets, related to the topic of digital health (Media Smarts)

Digital Well-Being is Common Sense
Resources on digital well-being and how to support youth in today's technologically-driven world (Common Sense Media).

Digital Media: Promoting Healthy Screen Use in School-Aged Children
The Canadian Paediatric Society's position statement (Canadian Paediatric Society).

Growing & Learning 
The growing and learning section of the Canadian Paediatric Society's Caring For Kids site offers information under various topics, including media and literacy. (Caring For Kids)

Your Child's Mental Health
Tips and information on how to support your child's mental health from the Canadian Paediatric Society (Caring For Kids).

Digital Media: Promoting Healthy Screen Use in School-Aged Children and Adolescents
A position statement recognizing the effects of digital media on school-aged children and adolescents (Canadian Padediatric Society).

Screen Time
Tips and information for caregivers when it comes to screen time (Canadian Paediatric Society)

The Digital Well-Being of Canadian Families
The 2018 report on the impact of technology and the internet on the well-being of Canadian families. (Media Smarts)

Digital Well-Being
Various resources on mental health and digital well-being categorized by age (Childnet).

Digital Well-Being Through Technology
Resources, advice, and tools on balancing technology use and wellness (Google)

Student Well-Being Teams
Student well-being teams work in PEI schools advising, consulting, and provide service to children and youth struggling with mental, social, and physical health issues (Department of Education and Lifelong Learning)