Virtual Reality

Put on a headset and escape to another world. Sounds fuA father and son each with a virtual reality headset onn, doesn’t it? That's the appeal of virtual reality, escaping into a make-believe world where your friends – and others – can join you. Virtual reality, known as VR, is computer technology that allows a user to become immersed in a virtual environment. In essence, using a VR headset can make you feel like you are somewhere – or someone – else.

What can you experience using VR?

VR experiences vary depending on the type of headset used. Most VR headsets contain sensors that monitor the user’s movements in real time, so you could be standing in your living room but, through the experience of a VR headset, be swept away to the ski slopes in the Rockies, or the streets of New York. It can be a fun, interactive, educational for kids and adults. 

Is VR safe?

VR seems and is cool. Youth love the video games and adults love the education apps. The can be drawbacks as well. Most manufacturers assign a 13+ age restriction to VR devices, which is why it is important for adults to do the research and have conversations with youth before deciding to bring VR into the home or classroom.

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