Links for Educators – Body Image and Gender Representation

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Resources for Teachers - Body Image
Resources for teachers on body image, with lesson plans focusing on the impact of gender stereotypes, its Mirror Image lesson plan, and the Avatars and Body Image lesson plan (Media Smarts).

Media Education and Body Image
Materials focusing on media education and body image, with key concepts listed within to help frame discussions about media representation and body image (Media Smarts).

Gender Representation

Resources for Educators – Gender Representation
Resources for educators, including lesson plans, on the topic of gender representation (Media Smarts).

The website contains various resources and information, including resources on gender inclusive classrooms and schools that welcome all children and teens (Gender Spectrum).

Age-Appropriate Tips for Addressing Gender Stereotypes in the Classroom 
Information on promoting positive gender representations within the classroom, broken down by age category/grades. There are also links to related content, including an article entitled, 5 Questions Students Should Ask About Media (Common Sense Education).

Gender Creatives Kids Canada
Resources for supporting and affirming gender creative kids within their families, schools, and communities (Gender Creatives Kids Canada).

Sexual & Gender Diversity
Information on sexual health education, including teacher workshops, with information categorized by various topics (Teaching Sexual Health)

Diversity and Human Rights
Information for educators on diversity, human rights, and sexual and gender minorities (Canadian Teachers’ Federation). 

Exposing Gender Stereotypes
A lesson plan for grades 8 to 9 that dives deep into gender stereotypes in society and the media (Media Smarts)

Supporting Transgender and Transsexual Students in K-12 Schools
A guide for educators, developed by the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (Gender Creative Kids)