Links for Educators – Healthy Relationships

That’s Not Cool: Healthy and RA teenage boy and teen girl take a selfieespectful Relationships Online
Lesson plan for grades 7 and 8 focusing on relationship behaviours related to digital media (Media Smarts).

Healthy Relationships
Various resources related to healthy relationships, including a webinar and training module (PREVNet)

Healthy Youth Dating Relationships
The Healthy Youth Relationships program, including lesson packages for grades 7 through 12 (Canadian Red Cross)

Online Relationships: Respect and Consent
Lesson play for grades 9 to 12 that explores the concepts of respect and consent in respect to the online realm (Media Smarts)

Age of Consent: Young People, Sex, and the Law
The resource details what youth on Prince Edward Island need to know about consent and the law (Community Legal Information)

Student Well-Being Teams
Student well-being teams work in PEI schools advising, consulting, and provide service to children and youth struggling with mental, social, and physical health issues (Department of Education and Lifelong Learning)